Why so fractious? Rajya Sabha elections shouldn’t lead to so much contestation

The Rajya Sabha elections in four states have led to massive contestation. This is unfortunate. At the time of publication, only results for Rajasthan have come out. The counting was slated to begin at 5 pm and should have been over quickly. Instead, political parties are mobbing returning officers with pleas to disqualify votes of rival MLAs and then heading to the Election Commission with their appeals.

With years of parliamentary experience behind them, political parties should be conducting themselves better. Making puerile reasons for junking votes ends up vitiating the process. Now the elections have been clouded in uncertainty and doubt. Extreme political polarisation is the culprit. The spirit of bipartisanship has receded. This is why even EVMs are now called into question.
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Rajya Sabha elections are the easiest to conduct but even here the waters have been muddied. Irrespective of which party wins, democracy has lost some of its sheen.



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