Narendra Modi govt’s eight years: Did nothing that would make people hang their heads in shame, says PM | Rajkot News

RAJKOT: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday that he and his government has not done anything in the past eight years that would make people hang their heads in shame.
The PM was addressing a public gathering after inaugurating a multi-speciality hospital at Aatkot village in Rajkot district.
The KD Paravadiya Multi-Speciality Hospital was built by BJP leader Bharat Boghra and will be run by the Patel community in Aatkot, 55km from Rajkot city.
Around two lakh people, including BJP workers attended the event.

While giving an account of the eight years of the NDA government at the Centre led by the BJP, Narendra Modi said, “You bid me a farewell from Gujarat eight years ago, but your love for me has increased since then. Today, I want to appreciate the people of the state for whatever they taught me.”
He further added that, “It’s because of your wishes, and the holy land of Bapu and Sardar, that in the past eight years, I did not allow anything wrong to happen even by mistake. I have not done anything that would make the citizens hang their heads in shame.”
PM Modi said that in the past eight years, his government’s top most priority has been to serve the poor.
Modi said, “My government has provided pakka houses to more than three crore poor people, toilets to more than 10 crore families, cooking gas cylinders to more than 9 crore women, electricity connection to more than 2.5 crore poor families, ‘Nal Se Jal’ (water through pipeline) to more than 6 crore families, free medical treatment upto Rs 5 lakh to more than 50 crore people. These are not only statistics but evidence of our commitment to ensure the dignity of poor people.”
He said his government showed the country how the government of the poor works to serve them.
Modi also mentioned the pandemic period and claimed that his government did excellent work in fighting the pandemic.
He said, “When the poor people were facing food scarcity, we opened the grain storage for them. We transferred money in the Jan Dhan accounts, so our mothers and sisters can live with dignity and pride. We deposited money in the account of farmers and also made arrangements for free gas cylinders.”
He further added that when there was a massive requirement for treatment, we made accessible all the facilities from testing to treatment for the poor, and when a vaccine was discovered, we made sure that every Indian gets a jab at free of cost.
Without mentioning the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Modi said, “News of war makes everybody worry, but we tried that our poor and middle-class people didn’t have to face difficulties.”
He said that his government is running a campaign to make schemes and facilities available to all sections of people. He added, “When there is a target to provide government facilities to all the citizens it automatically removes the disseminations and there is no scope for corruption and nepotism.”
Modi remembers state’s progress during his term as CM
PM Modi also remembered the progress of the state when he was the chief minister of Gujarat for 14 years.
He said, “When you gave me a chance to serve you in 2001 in Gujarat, there were nine medical colleges and there were only 1,100 medical seats. Today there are 30 medical colleges in Gujarat with 8,000 seats.”
He urged people to take maximum benefit of the double-engine government in the state and Centre.
“This double-engine government has started the work to take Gujarat to the new heights of development by removing all the obstacles.”
Centre was obnoxious towards Gujarat before 2014
Modi, without taking the name of UPA, said, “Before 2014, there was a kind of apathy in the central government that they prevented the Narmada Project, and we had to move fast to construct the Sardar Sarovar dam.”
Modi credited the infrastructure strength of the state for the industrialization.
The benefit of infrastructure development went to all the sectors. He said, “Once there was an industrialization only between Vadodara to Vapi but today in every direction of Gujarat small and medium industries are throbbing.”
He remembered all the clusters of Saurashtra and said, “In all small and big cars the parts are going from Rajkot. The Gujarat industry will also get the benefit of the bullet train project and Delhi-Mumbai freight corridor”. He further said, “MSME has erupted as the biggest strength of Gujarat. There was no industry in Saurashtra except salt and people were migrating to earn money. Today people from all over India coming to Kathiyawad-Kutch.” adding that “Morbi’s ceramic and Jamnagar’s brass industry has created reputation in all over the world. Now the big pharma companies are also coming to Gujarat.”

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