‘Historic milestone’: World must unite against terrorism, cyber crime, says PM Modi at top Interpol meet | India News

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday addressed the 90th general assembly of Interpol, wherein he laid a strong emphasis on the world uniting against terrorism, drug trafficking, cyber crimes, poaching.
“When threats are global, response cannot be just local”, he said, adding that “global cooperation for social welfare” is the need of the hour.
He also called upon all nations for their support and cooperation to look inward, and also referred to the Interpol meet as a “historic milestone”.
“A safe and secure world is our shared responsibility, when forces of good cooperate, forces of crime can’t operate”, the Prime Minister said in his opening address at the meet.
The Prime Minister also extended a small tribute to the police forces of the country on the occasion, referring to them as ‘frontline responders during any crisis’.
“I pay my respect to the police personnel who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service of the people.”
During his address, he also spoke about how corruption and financial crimes have harmed the welfare of citizens of many countries.
The event was organised after a gap of 25 years, and saw the participation of nearly 95 countries.
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