Janhavi Tiwari (YouTuber) Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Biography & More

Jhanvi Tiwari is an Indian fashion blogger and content creator on YouTube. She is more famously known by the name of her YouTube channel The Brown Daughter.


Jhanvi Tiwari was born on Monday, 3 September 2001 (age 22 years; as of 2023) in Surat, Gujarat. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. She did her schooling at Logos Mission High School, DPS, and Lancers Army School in Surat. She studied commerce as a subject in high school. She then completed her B.A. (English Honors) at The Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda, Gujarat. She wants to do her masters in Fashion.
Childhood picture of Jhanvi with her sister Gopali

Physical Appearance

Height: 4′ 10″
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Black


Her family belongs to Etawah, Kanpur which is a place in Uttar Pradesh but she was born in Surat, Gujarat.

Parents & Siblings

The name of her mother and father is not known but they have been featured in Jhanvi’s videos and on Instagram many times. Her father is a businessman and her mother supports the behind-the-camera activities for Jhanvi and her sister Gopali.
Jhanvi with her parents
She has an elder sister Gopali who is also a content creator with a YouTube channel named Gopali. Both of them can be seen quite frequently on each other’s channels.
Jhanvi with her elder sister Gopali

Husband & Children

Jhanvi is unmarried.


Jhanvi started her career on YouTube by creating fashion and lifestyle vlogs in 2018. She has gained more than 600K subscribers since then.
Jhanvi’s YouTube channel
She also does a lot of brand endorsements and earns from Google ads. She has over 200K followers on Instagram.
Jhanvi’s Instagram Account


  • Food: Spaghetti, Paneer, Dum Aloo, Pav Bhaji and Cheese Angoori
  • Destination: Bali, Santorini, Seychelles
  • Beverage: Tea, Bournvita Milk
  • YouTubers: Kritika Khurana, My Happiness, Komal Pandey, Dhwani Bhatt, Mridul Sharma
  • Beauty Brand: Maybelline, PAC
  • Pastime/Hobbies: Basketball, swimming, playing PubG, cooking, doing makeup while listening to music
  • Colour: Yellow and Mustard
  • Indian Sweets: Kaju Katli, Rasmalai, Rasgulla
  • Shoe Brand: Nike and Converse
  • Fruit: Mango and Strawberry
  • Flower: White and Yellow Roses
  • Cartoon Character: Shin Chan
  • Snack: Balaji Magic Masala


  • Jahnvi once revealed that a guy sent a screenshot of his chat with Jhanvi to her instead of sending it to someone else. It was the most cringy moment for her.
  • Although Jhanvi is not a fussy eater, she hates eating capsicum, olives, and raisins. During her childhood, she disliked eating Maggi too. She is a pure vegetarian.
  • The name of her YouTube channel has a story. She revealed that she was born really dark and she wanted to represent the brown Indian skin in her videos.
  • When she was a child, her dream job was being a teacher. However, she finds being in aviation very fascinating.
  • During her childhood, Jhanvi fell and almost drowned in a water tank when she was in 4th grade.
  • In a video, Jhanvi revealed that she got her first period on 17 October.
  • This is not the real spelling of her name. Jhanvi’s real spellings are ‘Janhavi.’
  • Jhanvi’s first viral video was in 2018 where she recreated Komal Pandey’s makeup look. It has more than 600K views.
    Jhanvi’s first viral video recreating Komal Pandey’s makeup look
  • Jhanvi has a phobia of being in an elevator.
  • Jhanvi revealed that during the initial phase of her YouTube journey, she felt finding time for filming was the most difficult part as she had to manage her studies as well. Besides this, getting views was also pretty challenging for her.
  • Before going to bed, Jhanvi always has a tall mug of Bournvita.
  • One of the best parts of her day is when she eats a meal with her family.
  • The most annoying habit that she finds in someone is when someone eats while making noises.
  • According to Jhanvi, onions, and lemons are an indispensable part of her meal.
  • Jhanvi got her first paycheck from YouTube a month after her 19th birthday and bought a gold ring for her sister Gopali’s birthday.
  • She revealed that the most expensive buy for her with her own money was her phone which cost her 1.14 lakh rupees.
  • Jhanvi does not have a tattoo right now but if she ever does, she wants to have a dragonfly under the nape of her neck.
  • Jhanvi revealed that she has kissed one of her girlfriends. She has not given details about the incident.
  • Jhanvi revealed that she has an influencer crush on fashion and lifestyle vlogger Khush Sachdeva.
  • In the same video, she also revealed that is a bit jealous of Komal Pandey for the kind of fitness level she has and her svelte figure.
  • Jhanvi’s shoe size is 37, something that she has in common with her mother and sister.
  • Jhanvi loves to travel and try various cuisines.
  • She had once said in her YouTube video that she has downloaded a few apps to learn how to invest in the stock market.
  • Her nickname is Janu and all her family members call her that.
  • She believes that her family forced her to make videos and was the greatest pillar of support behind her YouTube journey.
  • Jhanvi loves to travel and she is more of a beach person than a mountain person.
    Jhanvi on a beach in Bali
  • Jhanvi’s most hated subject in middle school was maths and in high school, it got changed to accounts as she had commerce.
  • She likes to drink on special occasions or when with friends.
    Jhanvi holding a glass of wine

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